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The first stage of setting up your accounting procedures and controls includes careful consideration of your unique characteristics and the regulatory requirements.
Based on the initial setup, JF Francis will provide you with regular management accounts, to ensure you are fully aware of your performance and the adjustments you may need to make to your business.
At the end of each financial year we prepare and file the required financial statements, according to the applicable statutory regulations.

JF Francis team is qualified to perform audits on all types of industries, with an extensive track record of successful audits in the UK.
The role of JF Francis consultants during an audit, is to provide you with an independent evaluation of your financial management and the performance of your business throughout the audited interval.
JF Francis guarantees that during the process of an audit the required steps are followed in order to comply with the International Standards on auditing.

JF Francis payroll service constitutes a comprehensive solution for businesses with any amount of employees or employment types.
Our main service includes assistance to manage and perform your employee’s payroll, while our consultants will also assist you to design a comprehensive scheme to administer tax efficient benefits for your employees.
JF Francis consultants are also responsible to prepare and file the appropriate P11D forms.
The processes we follow for the service ensure your compliance to HMRC statutory regulations.

JF Francis team undertakes the entire process for the formation of companies or any other legal entity. Our consultants will also prepare the entire document set that the Companies Act requires to be submitted to the Companies House.
The service also includes our support to maintain the registers, prepare and file the relevant returns.
If required, with JF Francis you have the option to take advantage of either our Company Secretary Service or our inclusive Registered Office Service.

JF Francis will always plan ahead for you, including the calculation of your Corporate Tax Exposure. The service aims to relieve you from the administrative burden of complying with the current Tax Legislation. Our primary goal is to ensure that your Tax Liability is constantly kept at a minimum and also that the appropriate returns are filed on time.
JF Francis Corporate Tax Planning Service includes the representation of your business through any required communication with the Tax Authorities.

JF Francis team values your private information and follows a comprehensive procedure to assure you that your personal data are manipulated and stored at all times with the utmost discretion.

JF Francis will help you analyze your current situation and provide you with professional advice on Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates, Non Residence and Non Domiciliary issues.
JF Francis Personal Tax Planning Service includes the representation of your business through any required communication with the Tax Authorities.

JF Francis team offers you a comprehensive first-class Self-Assessment Service.
Our consultants initially calculate your Tax Liability and follow a complete process of preparing and filing your Tax Return online, as required by HMRC regulations. You will also receive full information on your required payment amounts and due dates, while we assure you that we will identify the best available ways to minimize your Tax payments and at the same time comply with the current Tax Legislation.